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Aside from Bacteria, Dust, Allergens, grease and dyes are easily trapped in your upholstery.

Dust, allergens molds will be trapped. When not cleaned correctly allergens will multiply and trigger allergies affecting your family's health
causing some health problems e.g. Asthma, skin allergies.

These are just some beneficial effects of regular sofa cleaning. Next time you spring clean, ensure that all nooks and crevices is addresses

How are sofas cleaned?
Steam cleaning your sofa is acknowledged as the  best system available.
This procedure when carried out will remove grease, grime, dust mites, and allergens.

If a fabric is steam cleanable this is our process.

1/ Vacuum using our crevice tool. This helps remove a lot of dander and grit.

2/ Applying alkaline chemicals dedicated to sofa fabrics. This is liberally applied, and left to dwell.  Chemical will be gently agitated using a
drill brush or hand brush. Our solutions reacts with any dirt contained within fibres. We can add boosters or colour enhancing chemicals.
This would be determined at survey.

3/ Our process now starts.

Using a dedicated hand tool, steam cleaning at around 150 to 200 psi. We never exceed this level of pressure. One reason for this is all
fabrics are stitched and any higher pressure could damage any stitching.

A hand tool around four inches wide with a clear window is used. This allows us to see the extracting water change from a dark colour to

An operator is required to cover every inch of the sofa.. Arms, backs, sides, seats, headrest area, all edges, and both sides of the seat itself.
So a lot of detail is required.

Upon completion, we will wipe down all of the sofa with a white terry towel. This allows us to apply friction, speeding up the drying process,
but most importantly a very good indication that the results show no transfer of dirt. A normal drying time would be 3 hours. This will improve
with low humidity.

Dry cleaning upholstery

Some fabrics cannot be wet extracted. They may suffer damage by shrinkage or distortion.
A dry compound dedicated to sensitive fibres will be used.
We then agitate using a white towel. The friction generated lift the dirt.
This is not the best process for results however the safest for this type of fabric.

Here are some before and after pictures of work we have carried out.
Steam cleaning a sofa in Warrington
water marks in your sofa
As you can see the vast
difference in colour.

People become used the slow
change in colour until make
the decision to call for an
Any fabric upholstery requires routine cleaning to stay sanitized, stain free and smelling nice. They cost a lot of money to replace if your do
not look after them. Bacteria multiplies quickly which we sit in every day and don’t realise. Placing are hands on the arms, then transferring
what you have touched elsewhere.

This is one reason why your sofa should also be sanitised on an annual basis at least and more often if you have pets. If a sofa is not
sanitised, bacteria will continue to grow, multiplying, this puts your family’s health at risk.

Have you ever vacuumed your upholstery using a small nozzle to get deep into all sides? This removes any grit, dander.
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