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We LOVE rugs, and we tend to attract clients that share that same “love” and appreciation for all of the handwork that went into
creating that favourite textile in your home, and the handwork that it takes to keep it clean and in good condition so you can enjoy
it for many years to come.

There are thousands of years of history behind the art that creates today’s oriental rugs, from the shearing to the dyeing to the
tying of every single knot in every rug’s creation. There is also a long history behind the proper care of these one of a kind textiles,
part of that being recognizing what you have in your hands, and seeing it for the work of art it truly is.

Whether it is a meticulously woven, silk rug, or an uneven tribal piece from the mountains of Afghanistan, someone has put a part
of their life into its creation. This part of their life is now a part of yours … and that has value in it, even if it is not necessarily a
“valuable” piece.

We value every rug for the workmanship and artistic spirit that has brought it to life, and for the fact that you appreciate the piece
enough to take good care of it. We are the local experts in the hand wash and repair of your favourite rugs.

Rug Care Tips You Can Safely Use.

Here are some rug care tips and guidelines to help you keep your rugs
looking great, staying cleaner, and lasting longer. The regular dusting and
vacuuming your precious rugs is the BEST thing that you can do to keep your
rugs in great shape in between cleanings. Think of all the dust that daily
settles on to your hard floors … that same dust settles on your rugs and
needs to be removed also, otherwise it works its way into the fibres and
causes damage you cannot correct.

However, you do not want to overly “brush” these fibres, so the best tool to use
is a canister vacuum cleaner, or the upholstery attachment on your upright
HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner, and just run it over the top of the rug fibres.
Vacuum WITH, not against, the nap of the rug’s “fuzzy” side. (The rug’s fibres
are similar to your pet’s fur - you know when you are petting with the nap, and
when you are not. Being gentle “with” it causes a lot less friction.)

If the eye can see  lot of dirt  collecting on your rug - like at your entryway rugs
- our advice is then turn these rugs fuzzy side down and run an upright
beater bar vacuum along the back side (stay away from the fringe tassels or
you’ll suck them up!). This “vibrates” the grit out of the base of the rug’s, and
then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all of the dust, dirt, allergens,
mold spores, bacteria, and other “unmentionables” that have been brought
into your home by lots of shoes, feet and paws. Greeting rugs with a high
traffic area should be “vacuumed” at least every other day a week (or more)
with your brushers or upholstery attachment.

Rugs with moderate traffic should be dusted weekly. Even rugs in areas with
no traffic will still have dust settling on them daily, so attend to them bi-weekly.
A regular maintenance routine will certainly help keep your rugs cleaner and
healthier longer. It will also (especially when using a HEPA-filter vacuum) help
keep your indoor air cleaner.

The Cleaning Tour

The “skill” of rug cleaning is as old as the art of rug weaving. For hundreds of year now rugs have been cleaned overseas in the
streams, rivers and waterways of the countryside, and we bring the simple but thorough bathing process to our facility. We use
vinegar to set the dyes for the cleaning process, use shampoos approved for use on wool and natural fibres, and give the rug a
thorough bath.

Our end result is to execute  what is best and safest clean for your favourite rug, and we do not use harsh chemicals, bleaching
agents, or other hazardous materials on your textiles. We are trained in the proper cleaning and care of specialty, oriental, and

It’s not just “dirt” that is in “dirty” rugs. Wool fibres can hide pounds of dry particulate in its scales that is a combination of soil,
pollutants, chemicals, dust mites, bacteria and other germs. Pounds of contaminants are removed from the rug BEFORE the
cleaning process even begins, which makes the cleaning process even more thorough.

Fine grit is abrasive and causes damage to wool fibres that creates wear and shortens the life of your rug. Weekly vacuuming (with
a canister vacuum or hand held upholstery attachment) and bi-annual cleaning is recommended for rugs under moderate use.
Cleaning should always be done in a rug plant and not in the home.
Chemicals approved for wool are used in our process, and rinsed thoroughly so we leave no sticky residue behind. (In-home rug
cleaning leaves behind chemical residue that can lead to fading, discoloration, and quicker resoling … not unlike using a “no-rinse”
shampoo in your hair … which is why it is not recommended for rugs that you want to have thoroughly and safely cleaned.)

Proper grooming with soft horse hair brushes give the finishing touches to a freshly cleaned rug. All rugs have a “nap” or pile
direction. If you pet your rug (like you would your dog) you can feel when you are running your hand “with” the nap, and “against” it.
It’s this directional quality that causes one end of your rug to look lighter than the opposite end as the fibres reflect the light differently
depending on which way they are pointing. (Walk around your rug and see the different between it’s light and dark directions,
sometimes they are very dramatic!)

When you spill on your rug and want to clean it up, always make sure you BLOT with the grain and do not scrub. Aggressive
scrubbing can cause permanent wool distortion and damage.

Repairing Antique and Oriental Rugs

When fringe tassels tear off, and sides tear apart, your rug begins to lose all of its knots so it is very important to have this repaired
as soon as possible to prevent your rug from unravelling. Regularly look at the ends, the sides, and the corners of your rugs to
make sure they are in good condition.
Handmade rugs should always be repaired by hand. Hand securing of ends and sides is provided at
our facility to ensure your rug stays in its best condition for many years to come.

The fringe tassels are the foundation threads of a rug. Each single tassel runs through the inside of the
rug to the opposite side, so when they wear off the wool knots begin to slide away from your rug. When
this happens, these knots need to be secured by hand with an overcast stitch. We can also put on a
new fringe to give you the look of fringe again.

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