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Advantages and disadvantages of a Polypropylene carpet and rug

Synthetic carpets are now readily available. The quality and style of make varies from construction to colour. They do challenge the old timers, our wool carpets. We all know the any synthetic carpet today would find it very hard to have the same lifespan as a wool carpet. Wool rugs would win every time over the synthetic copycat.

That does not mean should ignore our last sentence.

It is best that we examine in detail before you choose which carpet type you want to buy.

What is a polypropylene carpet or rug?

Today’s synthetic carpets are manufactured using polypropylene fibres, these are a non-organic materials. This is just one of many types of manmade materials used manufacturing rugs and carpets. Other types are acrylic, nylon, and polyester. These are made using petroleum

It can be difficult to differentiate to the untrained person and detecting which is which.

Being the market leader of around 80% the polypropylene carpets are made for cheapness.

Carpets pros and cons for a Polypropylene product

When choosing to buy a carpet made of polypropylene it would be wise to understand what the pros and cons are for this type of carpet.
So what are the benefits of a polypropylene carpet?
There is more than one benefit for choosing this type of carpet and that does not mean the price factor, against say the more elegant wool carpets.
Odours:  This product cannot hold onto odours due to the fact the fibre is not porous. This means that the fibre can’t hold onto an nasty odours such as pet odours.
High tolerance against stains: If you happen to drop food and spill a drink the fear factor of stainage is not as difficult to remove as that to wool. If you have a busy family, kids, dogs, etc , this may a good reason to buy this type of carpet.
Is it value for money?
The polypropylene carpet is the clear winner when it comes to cost. Normally a lot cheaper than nylon carpets, but sometimes they look better in appearance.

Density and weight factor.  If your floor was covered in water, this type of carpet could still be fitted, (this is hypothetical of course). This is down to its weight.

Static electricity issue. We have all heard of static electricity. Fibres which are natural can sometimes conduct electric, which results in the sparks we have seen when growing up. So have a poly carpet can still give static shocks, but as a lesser degree. This is why this material is used in offices and some car interiors.
          Amazing colour fastness.

This fibre won’t lose much of its colour as when made the dyes used cling to the fibre. Difficult to compete against natural fibres, the poly carpet is miles ahead of the other synthetic carpet options.

H20 resistant
Due to its  chemical makeup this carpet can resist water
What are the polypropylene carpets disadvantages?
They are susceptible to leaky oil-based stains.
I said earlier the this type of rug or carpets was stain resistant, which is the case, however this excludes oil based stains, and these can stick to the carpet until cleaned. The poly product and oil based products go together such as fish and chips. When you have this type of stain you cannot just clean the carpet with any homemade remedy. This is where you need an expert carpet cleaner. So to help avoid such problems keep this type of carpet out of the kitchen.

Resiliency is not the best
Avoid fitting this carpet in your hallway. This is a high traffic area and as it has a poor resilience to traffic will lose its good looks quickly. The fibres become squashed and crushed and it take a lot to recover them.

They don’t like a lot of heat
This type of carpet or rug can be susceptible to high heat. . The fibre has a low melting point. The sun is its nemesis, especially if sun beams directly into the room
If you move any furniture always lift, never drag, as dragging can cause friction burns which you can’t remove.
How to clean polypropylene carpets

Other advantages about this type of carpet which has not been discussed is they are an easy carpet to clean for the professional carpet cleaner.
What are the benefits of polypropylene carpets when it comes to cleaning them?
Easy to maintain as they don’t absorb grit particles as easily as natural fibres carpets.
Resistance to stains is better than that of wool, and as such easier to clean.
Water stains can be wiped up with a cloth.

Please note your carpets will still require professional cleaning.