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Know the Types of Carpet That You Can Buy for Your Home

With the huge number carpet choices on the market today, it can be overwhelming for you when the time comes you need to buy one. However, you can take time to learn about its types and styles to make your purchase decision easier and make the best choice for your situation. Here are the carpet types that you can buy for your home:

This is considered the premier woven carpet that is made on a jacquard loom and can have a loop and cut pile. It is tightly constructed, making it dense and durable.

This carpet’s yarns have a soft curl or twist, and its pile is often cut at an angle. It is textured and can effectively conceal marks, making it a popular choice for family and children’s rooms.

Like the fabric for which it is named, this carpet is soft, and its pile is short, dense and uniform. It has a matte finish that gives it an understated appeal. Its uniform surface exposes tracks and indentations.

The pile of this carpet is so long that it does not stand upright, giving it a shaggy look. It is no longer just a throwback to the 1960s and 1970s, as today’s shags come in contemporary colors with an inviting feel. Just remember that its long yarns can get caught in the vacuum’s rotating head.

A cut-pile carpet woven by definition, axminster is often called the pub carpet to refer to its frequent appearance in hotels and restaurants. This type of carpet tends to be the most affordable among the woven carpets and is available in a wide variety of colours.

Ribbed Cut
This can come in cut-and-loop piles or just cut piles that are trimmed in areas in order to create carved designs, having colour variations throughout. Because of its textured surface that can camouflage stains and marks, this carpet is another good choice for high-traffic areas, such as children’s rooms.

Plush Pile
Cut to a smooth and level height, this carpet is high and less dense, as well as comfortable underfoot, making it cosy flooring in a bedroom. Its texture, appearance and longevity are determined by its fibre, and its pile can be synthetic, natural or a combination of several fibre.

This is a strong and static-resistant carpet that is pleasing to the touch. Its fibre is the type that most synthetic fibre are meant to imitate, so it is more expensive than those materials. It is resilient and naturally resists stains and retards flame. However, take note that wool carpet will initially shed a bit.

Largely produced in China, India and Turkey, silk carpet is soft and luxurious, which dyes better and is more durable than any other fibre. But due to its high cost, its fibre is often mixed with wool.

This carpet’s material comes from the agave plant, and the highest-quality fibre come from East Africa. Sisal is strong, but it can be stained even by water and is particularly prone to fading in direct sunlight.

This has a wool-like appearance and is often used for cut-pile carpets. It is stain-resistant, soft and affordable, but it is not as resilient as other carpet fibres.

This is a glossy synthetic fibre usually sold in muted colours and is one of the less expensive synthetics that are water and stain-resistant.

This is the most popular carpet fibre in the US that is durable, resilient, and stain-resistant. Its fibre comes in many hues.
Equipped with this information, you will be able to determine the best carpet for your home.