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Smelly carpets

Living with pet odours

As a nation of animal lovers there are several drawbacks.
1/ Pet hair
z/ Animal odour in the carpets
3/ Animal accidents

As we all know pet hair falls from our pets continuously.
If you have a laminated floor this would be a lot obvious to the naked eye.
You can see the hair. Clumps of hair which we brush up daily.
It would be prudent to concur that after the hair is brushed up, the floor is then mopped with bleach or a similar product. And the reason for this is to kill any bacteria.
What do we do when we have a carpeted area?

Again the average household would hoover the carpet maybe every other day.
The carpets camouflages the smaller amounts of dander and this can become a little dangerous for the household.

As an example, let’s say Monday, carpet is not vacuumed and the same applies to Tuesday, Wednesday is a quick hoover, and the next hovering is Saturday which is a little more thorough. This is just a guestimate, but with years of carpet cleaning behind us, we ask customer these types of questions.
What happens to the dog’s hair when we don’t take control?
1 The hair will become entangled within your carpets fibre
2 This will then become a breeding ground for mites, and bacteria.
3 Odour from the hair is in the carpet.

Most families become used to the situation. This is not good for the family health especially if a household member suffers with asthma, or allergies.
As I said we become used to it. And that is more prevalent when it is animal odours.
Our animals have habits such as lying or sleeping on the carpet. With all the hair on their body they will sweat, and that sweat penetrates into the carpets fibres.
And we become used to the smell, in fact we don’t smell it anymore. It is only when you have visitors who are not used to the smell. They may not say anything and some may which could be a little embarrassing.

I myself am a dog owner. And being in the industry I understand what needs to actioned to control odours in carpets.
So what can the householder do?

One could attempt to remove the odour within the carpets yourself by using the carpet deodorisers sold in the supermarkets. In my opinion this is a total waste of time.
You could hire a carpet cleaning machine and attempt to sort this issue out yourself. Again this is a waste of energy and time.
As an example the attached picture shows us cleaning a carpet were the owner had two dogs, had attempted to clean the carpets themselves, and the carpets looked no different, in fact they smelt worse as it took 2 days for the carpets to dry completely.
How we addressed this issue was as follows.

The carpet was thoroughly vacuumed. This took us ten minutes. The amount of embedded animal hair was a lot.

We then applied our odour application and this was applied and we let this dwell on the carpets for ten minutes. A second application was applied.
After a further 5 minutes no odour was present, so we started with the carpet cleaning. A chemical pre spay was applied and agitated deep into the carpet. Doing this ensures that all the chemicals reach the base to the tip of the carpeted fibres.

The machine was set to the maximum heat and pressure for this type of carpet.

The actual cleaning process using the machine took 30 minutes. As you can see the colour of this carpet is not the best for homeowners with pets.
Please head our guidance. To replace this carpet was £494.00. To clean it was £65.00

Which number would you prefer to pay?