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Red wine in a carpet and how to remove it

It has happened to the best of us. It is the weekend, the children are upstairs in their bedroom and after a stressful week at work, being the family chauffer, the one thing will help unwind relax is a nice glass of red wine, and only the posh stuff obviously.

It’s off to the nearest off licence were you treat yourself to a beautiful big bottle of wine. And you then speedily get home, plonk in front of the television and chill.

You pour yourself a nice big glass sit back, and oh no the nightmare begins.

I bet it happened in slow motionnnnnn, and that cherished glass of relaxation is now on your carpet and shriek and horror the carpet is cream coloured, and the area of the incident is now changing to a darker colour more than likely a reddish colour.

So how can we advise you on this?

1. Try not to panic- the more time you are stressing out the less time you will have in saving your carpet.
2. Remove the culprit and put into the kitchen out of harm’s way.
3. While you are in your kitchen get some tea towels and a bottle of white wine.
4. Now start to blot the stain with your tea towel. Try to work quickly
5. Apply pressure onto the stain, even ask chunks to stand on the towel
6. Now for a little Abracadabra, Carefully pour some of the white wine onto the stained carpet. What this will does is balance the ph. level i.e. neutralise the stain.
7. Place a clean tea towel and keep pressing, or even stand on the towel. Repeat the process until you have removed all of the stain
8. If you have acted quickly enough you will have saved your carpet.
9. Whatever you do please do not use stain removers from the shops. There is a risk that this will not assist the removal of the stain, or it may damage the fibres by bleaching them
10/ I hope you’re not reading this over the Christmas period.

If you have attempted your own DIY red wine clean up and are not happy with your results we can help you out.

Some of the products that we have are best in class and as long as you have not used any chemicals the chances of me removing your stain for you is very high.

Another tip you may want to try before calling is to place a damp towel on the area concerned, and then with just a warm iron, iron a way. Using fairly quick strokes, making sure you don’t touch any fibres, and check the status every couple of seconds.

Don’t use a hot iron under any circumstances.

And my charge for this would be £35.00