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Pet hair removal from carpets
Like me who has a Labrador Dog and love dearly you also are probably dog lover, but the mess our little darlings make can be a headache at times. The pet hair gets everywhere and grabs onto all types of fabric in the family home, and this stresses us out when trying to remove it.

As our pets have the run of the house it can be difficult to keep them of and away from your furnishing, and when it is the time when Bruce wants his cuddle how you can refuse. The best thing you can do is have your carpet and sofa cleaned professionally and at regular intervals. We are Warrington Carpet cleaners our specialist at the removal of pet hair from your furnishings. 
Pet hair removal from carpets Warrington
SO Why is it that Important to Remove Pet Hair?
Pet hair is not clean and can smell, however it’s the level of hair which can make your carpet and suchlike appear to be messy. Did you know that pet hair can aggravate certain allergies like asthma? And you don’t want to hurt your family’s heath.

Let us remove that Pet Hair from your Carpets and Upholstery

Big or small your beloved loved pooch will leave their hair on your furnishing. Nearly all dogs in the world lose hair and even more so when thy molt. There are so called pet hair removal combs but being in this business for such a long time, do not work. What would you expect for £8.99?

I have seen people use cello tape to grab the dog hair, and wow it takes some time to get rid of the visible hair, but what about the invisible hair tangled beneath the fibres.

Like the Bionic Man (if you can remember who that was), we have the technology -to remove all dog hair, even the super stubborn ones.

The customer advised they had hoovered their carpet. Thoroughly. This is what we extracted just from the living room carpet.

Steam Cleaning is the best way to achieve the results you desire

Say Au revoir to the painstaking task of removing the pet hair with chemicals which are harmful, and say  Bonjour to the power of our Professional steam cleaning system, which is how we at Warrington Carpet Cleaners use to eradicate the hair, dirt, and any dust and this also ensures the fibres remain in tip top condition.

Some Chemicals are too strong some upholstery and carpets and could turn could bleach or discolour them.

The power of using steam cleaning extraction method for example is a very through technique, along with very powerful vacuums.

Not only will the steam cleaning remove the hairs, it cleans and deodorises. Animal smells are also eliminated during this process of cleaning, and this is done is one visit.