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Carpet cleaning Widnes

What colour were your carpets when you first bought them? Do they have dirty edges? Do you have some horrible stand out stains? The dog has wet or slobbered?

You have you decided to have them cleaned professionally? Give them a new lease of life? They look great at first, however, a lot of people don’t look after them. They become nose blind, they also cost a lot of money, so is not best to look after your investment? You do get used to the dirt slowly evolving, the stains are just there, and an odour is now developing.

Too many drinks, food spilt and others which we won’t mention. The smell, a dog has had a urine accident, or you’re a pet lover. Their odour is now apparent when you walk into the room

You have come to the right place.

Our services are now taking us beyond our normal working area which is great.

Our awesome good work is spreading. This is why we are carpet cleaning Widnes on a regular basis.

Not only do we clean carpets, but we also clean upholstery whether they are fabric or leather, rugs and mattress. All to an expert standard.
Having a healthy home or business is what everyone wants and deserves. Just like the clothes on your back, you want them clean, hence the washing machine.

Did you know that it is recommended by the carpet institutions that you should an annual clean to your carpets?

Not all carpet cleaners in Widnes are trained to our standards, have our years of experience. In achieving the very best of results. Training supported with hands-on experience is the best schooling for any tradesman. Would you ask your neighbour to change your brake shoes on your car, or would you want someone who knows what they are doing? Exactly.

The chemicals we have in our stock are of the highest quality. We use them in our own home. Each chemical does a specific thing to a certain fibre. Using our many years of training, knowledge allows us to produce some amazing results for you. Using alkaline, acids, odour eliminators, urine destroyers we carry an arsenal of products with us at all times.

You may have a red wine stain, coffee or tea stain, or a urine issue from your pets.

If you have not applied any over the counter stain remover we can in most cases remove most stains.

Wool carpets can be a little more challenging. Being a natural fibre, accidents left unattended can be absorbed into the fibre. So this is our education of chemistry comes into play. Can the fibres chemistry be reversed or can the area be cleaned then re-dyed for you?

The most common system we use is hot water extraction or you may refer to it as steam carpet cleaning.

The benefits of using this method against other cleaning systems are that the fibres are cleaned from top to bottom. The power of water injected into the fibres at heat reaches 100% of the fibre, along with the power of the vacuum system removes all grease, odour and dirt, leaving the carpet touch dry. And using air mover’s reducers the drying time drastically to as little as 2 hours.

Other ways of cleaning carpets or rugs can be by a low moisture system or by dry cleaning.

Both of these systems are used for specific fibre types and are only used when issues a shrinkage or low fibre density are involved. The decision to use any of these systems would be determined at the point of the survey.

Let we walk you through the most common procedure we use do clean for you.

The first step is that we hoover. This will relieve and lift all the sand, grit and other particles, and also massage the fibres to stand up.

Any stains noticeable will be addressed and removed if possible.

Next, we apply the relevant compound which is applied, agitated and left to dwell. This would normally be an alkaline from 9 to 12, depending on the severity of what needs cleaning.

The next action is to clean. Now how we do it is we split the room by eye into sections. Clean, then review, and it needed, repeated. The vacuum system will remove all the moisture applied, leaving your carpet touch dry, and bone dry between 2 to 4 hours.

The system I mentioned above is the most common used by professional carpet cleaners today.

If your carpet was a Wilton, for example, we would use a different system.

Our tip of the day.

Why not vacuum your carpet in the opposite direction that you normally do? Go a little slower also.
This will open the fibres allowing the hoover to suck up more dust, grit and sand particles.

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