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Carpet cleaning Runcorn

Lets find the  best carpet cleaner in Runcorn.

Finding the best carpet rug and upholstery cleaning specialist can be a daunting task.

Yes we do travel all over Runcorn. A lot

It is probable safe to say that your carpets, rugs, fabric upholstery even leather sofa’s need a little bit of tlc to being back to their former glory. Smells, stains, urine and ground in dirt.
All typical features of why customers contact me. Wanting my experience to help them.

It's costly to go out and purchase new carpets and even more so all the upheaval that can be included.

So have you considered getting your carpets and sofa professionally cleaned?

Well let’s have a chat and l see if we can help you out.

Hello we are Warrington carpet cleaners’.co.uk

Our team of experts can clean your carpets, rugs, sofa's, and even mattress to the highest of standards. We will only use quality chemicals which have worked with for many years which help us achieve great results. These are pet friendly. I use the same chemicals in my own home.
Using a variety of carpet cleaning techniques ranging from steam cleaning, low moisture or dry carpet cleaning.

Let me tell you how we would clean your carpets for you.

After carrying out a survey we then proceed to the cleaning process. Sometimes we may do a float and burn test of a fibre to determine if it manmade or natural.

So if it steam carpet cleaning, the following would be done for you.

1/ Hoover your carpet, or rug or sofa thoroughly.

2/ Treat any stains which are visible. This may be tea, red wine, or even chewing gum. A different chemical for each type of stain. This is not something the homeowner can guess at. We attended advanced training courses, and have years of hands on experience.

3/ Apply our cleaning application which is normally an alkaline chemical, and agitate this into the fibres. A different alkaline chemical is used on your upholstery.

4/ We add an acid to our clean water tank which neutralises the alkaline to a ph. (potential of hydrogen) 7.5.

5/ Set the temperature on the machine along with the safest pressure and we start to clean. Our eyes are a great tool. So when an area has been cleaned, we check this, and if re cleaning is required that will happen.

6/ Dry what we have cleaned using our air movers for you.
Without the air movers, the carpet drying time varies pending the length of the fibre and the humidly of the room. On average two to four hours.

This procedure is used on all wet cleanable fibres.

If we are using the dry cleaning method this would normally be used on carpets like Wilton, or Sisal carpets. These are prone to shrinkage and distortion if the wet cleaning system is used.

Do you know what your carpet is made of?

The way we clean these types of fibres is as follows.

1/ Hoover the carpet or rug thoroughly. Probable more than any other type of fibre.

2/ Stains are treated, however this is a longer process on this type of fibre. We have to be patient as I said minimal moisture. An alkaline chemical is misted onto the carpet, and when I say misted, the carpet may still feel dry to the touch.

3/ Dry compound is delivered onto the carpets and a special machine is used to agitate this deep into the fibres. This could be done by hand, however this would be very time consuming

4/ We leave this application for around 20 to 30 minutes. The dirtier the carpet the longer the dwell time.

5/ The carpet is then re vacuumed removing all the sponges. By this time the sponges they will have changed colour, indicating the dry soil and odour has been absorbed.

The low moisture or encapsulation system

1/ Again hoover the area concerned

2/ The machine used is a rotary machine. A special woollen pad is used as the cleaner. The area received a misting of cleaning chemicals. The rotary then goes over the area accordingly. The pad is changed on a frequent basis to ensure no transfer of dirt.
This cleaning system is normally used on low profile carpet, such as carpet tiles.

The drying time is quite quick too.

Leather upholstery cleaning

I love cleaning a leather. I find it so therapeutic.
A little sad I know but leather is a luxurious material.
Over the years the one thing that I have found with leather cleaning is the shock on the customers face when we show them the dirty water.
Water I hear you say. Yes
We use a damp cloth to wipe over the sofa. There is a special cleaner also on the clean cloth we use..
This process breaks down the greases and ingrain dirt for you.
Next the process is repeated but this time using a leather cleaner which actions three things in one application.

Cleans the leather, leaves a pleasant smell, and feeds the leather sofa.
Have you even seen a leather sofa with cracks in it? This is where the oils have dried out. So don’t let your lush leather get to this stage.

So we have touched on systems available to clean your fabrics.

We also are experts in removing odours, and pet urine.
You could opt for the DIY carpet cleaning. Do you know what you’re cleaning?

I understand that people think that cleaning carpets, upholstery etc. is expensive.
Well it is not. For a flight of standard stairs the cost would be £30.00.
Your carpets and other fabric items have cost you a lot of money. So why not look after them. It is like an annual service.

Why not have a look at our
website, you can see pictures of our work, and several videos from our clients.

So when you're prepared to proceed give us a call. All our quotations are completely free and are valid for 30 days. Our contact number is 01925 541449 in the event that you might want to talk about any of our services.