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Carpet cleaning rental machines

Those Carpet rental machines

As we do our weekly shop we see the adverts in the supermarket, the DIY shops for hiring a carpet cleaning machine.

The carrot is dangled, do you take the bait?

Most people would stay clear of the hassle involved.

Collecting the machine, having to buy inferior and overpriced carpet or upholstery cleaning chemicals which are probably not even the correct chemicals that you need. Your lack of knowledge.
The tv ads tell you it is so easy and that you can obtain very good results, even to the standards of the professionals.

The photograph you can see is a job that we carried out recently. It is extremely obvious that you can see the clean and the dirty sections of the carpet.

Would you believe me if I said that this was an end of tenancy clean. The tenant hired a machine from Asda, you know the machine I mean, and it begins with Rug, and cleaned the carpets themselves. Their landlord was not impressed with the clean so we were asked to clean the carpets.

As the saying goes, you only get for what you pay for
This second picture shows the colour of the water, and this is after the tenant had cleaned their own carpets. The rental machine left all this dirt in the carpet.

The adverts displaying the rental machine make it look so easy, however carpet cleaning can be a very physical job, even when the professionals have the top of the range machinery. The rental machines claim to deliver carpet cleaning at the highest of standards, this is not the case at all.

Cleaning a carpet correctly require the best possible equipment, chemicals, and knowledge to help deliver the standards you expect. Individual stains need to be addressed on a chemical by chemical basis.

The rental machines come with a small selection of stain removers which allows you to make that decision. The volume of chemicals you need to buy, and in all honesty you will waste an awful lot, meaning throwing money down the drain. In addition to this do you understand the removal process?

The professional carpet cleaner will have a large arsenal of stock for different stains.

Stains such as coffee, red wine, urine, paint, gum, and so forth.
Are the rental and DIY carpet cleaning machines effective?

The obvious issue with the rental machines is there lack of power. They have been built for the  sole purpose of the homeowner, being light and can fit into the boot of a car. This means that vacuum and pumps are very limited.

When the rental machine applies the water to the carpet it does not have the vacuum power to suck up the water, which will leave the carpet wet for a few days. Having a wet carpet is not only an inconvenience it can cause other issues too, such as smells, mould growth, and even delamination. Delamination is where the carpet backing becomes loose

When the carpet is eventually dried out, there will also be a residue of the pre spay that you will have used. This will attract the dirt quickly back into your carpet. You could clean all your carpets again?

At Warrington Carpet Cleaners Carpets we have the latest and best chemicals, which we always rinse and extract with our powerful vacuums to safely clean carpets and upholstery to aid them getting them dry  very quickly leaving no sticky residues left behind.