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Carpet Cleaning Culcheth

So you require the services of a reliable, trustworthy carpet cleaning company in Culcheth? We are a few minutes’ drive from you

So may I ask are you sick and tired of a lifeless, dull carpet? Have you always meant to do something about the debris clogging up the traffic lanes in your house? Would you desire a healthy, healthy and clean carpets minus the hassle of choosing and installing its
replacement? Is an eco-friendly answer crucial to you? Is saving money an important issue?

Having your carpets cleaned is a real and excellent alternative to having to remove and lay a new carpet. Utilizing National Carpet Cleaner’s Association certified methods, we are able to add new life, health and brightness to your carpets and upholstery at a
fraction of the cost. What’s more, we can use eco-friendly solutions that attract and lift grime out of your carpets and soft furnishings, leaving them safe for children and house animals. You would be amazed at just how different your carpets can appear.
Understanding what a carpet is and how it is constructed is the no1 understanding an expert carpet cleaner relies upon. Not having this knowledge or experience could damage your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Before any cleaning takes place we will know what the item we are cleaning is, and what the most efficient and safest way to clean. The last thing you want is your item shrunk.

So using several cleaning methods in our arsenal we can advise what these do and their benefits.

Low moisture carpet cleaning

This type of clean is used on low profile carpets, or where an area of carpet is very large. This type of cleaning is the quickest cleaning system for large areas. Carpet tile maintenance cleaning for example.

Dry carpet cleaning

This cleaning technique is the safest way to clean sisal or wilton carpets. Using hwe this type of carpet will damage the fibres, in fact shrinkage is the no 1 damage factor here.

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning or hwe extraction is the most popular cleaning system used to clean carpets. Being able to clean fibres from base to tip ensure the removal of all grease and debris, leaving the carpet clean, fresh and healthy.

Rental machines are available to hire from your local stores, however do you understand what you are doing?

If you read the small print it states test in an inconspicuous area. Why would they say that? Is it because they don’t know what your carpet is.

We rectify DIY carpet cleans on a regular basis. And some of these fixes included removing the underlay and replacing with new underlay, and then the carpet is re cleaned correctly.

Do you have leather upholstery which needs cleaning? We are trained in cleaning this material too.

Landlords of Culcheth

We know how crucial perception is when attracting new tenants. And we also understand just how much harm can be left behind by the end of a tenancy. Refitting carpets at the end of a tenancy is neither time nor cost-effective.
With our professional carpet cleaning methods, we guarantee to leave your carpets fresh, vivid and clean. This allows you the best possible turnaround for tenancies and is significantly cheaper.
If you are unhappy with the cleanliness and condition of your carpet at the end of a tenancy, or if you own a holiday home that needs an end of season spruce, give us a call.

Business Proprietors

Restaurants have more heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, and it’s not long before all that grime starts to build up. Kitchen debris, grease, mud, everything accumulates and can have a definite influence on the perception of your company to customers.
We know that a clean carpet can have a massive effect on the success of a business. If this sounds like something you’re concerned about, we can provide the most powerful portable carpet cleaning equipment and solutions specifically made for business enterprises, and revive new life into your carpets.

With our rapid drying times, you needn’t lose a single day’s business, which isn’t something laying new carpets can promise.

Spots & Stains in your carpet, sofa, or rugs?

Just stained your furnishing?

Listed here are some suggestions which will help to make our work simpler, or even prevent you needing to ring a cleaner at all
A fresh fluid spot should be spotted or dabbed, in no way rubbed

Position a clean cloth or tea towel on the spot, making it possible for the cloth to soak up the surplus liquid

Don’t use household products like washing up liquid, bleach, and even several branded stain removing products. Washing up liquid can potentially drive the stain further into the fibres, bleach can react negatively and in nearly all circumstances will bleach out the principal dye. Brand name stain removers have no idea of the kind of carpet you have, and could be inappropriate
Pat with water that is clean and a clean cloth

In the event that at this time the stain is still there, think about giving us a ring.
No matter if it is a fresh wine or tea spill, or that set in nail varnish mark you’ve always meant to have removed, Our carpet care  team will bring the resources and methods to raise almost any spot or stain from your carpet or upholstery.

Making use of only the best eco-friendly products from the industry’s major brands, we will utilize Solutions authorized processes to lift the stain from the fibres.* Just like our carpet cleaning techniques, we will study the stain as well as the variety of carpet prior to quoting a price or starting work. As always, your carpet is important to us, and your joy with the outcome more so. Our objective will be to eliminate the stain without damaging the pile, so that you can be certain the products we use are carpet-safe, and that our methods won’t be aggressive.

Kinds Of Stains We’ll Clean
Tea/Coffee/Juice etc
Oil (Engine/Cooking)
Bodily Fluids (Blood/Vomit/Faeces/Urine/Animal)
Nail Varnish & Other Beauty Products
Plus, we really like a difficult task, so it doesn’t matter what the stain might be, we’ll do our absolute best to remove it for you.

It may be worth noting that red wine, coffee and tea incorporate tannins which, with respect to the kind of fibres your carpet is made of, actually dye the fibres. In cases like this we’ll lighten the dye back to the colour of the carpet, but it is vital that you understand that if the stain remains, this could be visible under a number of lighting conditions.
So wa3 customers we hope to see you soon.

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