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Need a carpet cleaner in Lymm

We all need that peace of mind when you need expert carpet cleaning in Lymm.

Would you say that it is now time to get your dirty carpets and upholstery, or your rugs cleaned?

We believe we are the best carpet cleaners in Lymm. Having been in business now for our 17th year. We pride our reputation on our ongoing training as well as gaining a vast experience in all types of fabrics. Are we experts in our field?
What Else can we do?

Not only are we great at cleaning carpets, but we also clean leather upholstery and fabric sofa. Your sofa’s get a build-up of grease and dirt and of course, so does your mattress. We have some information about this further down the page.

So when did you last have your carpets cleaned?

Carpet cleaning Lymm is our passion. We love what we do, we take pride in our skills, and it’s what we do day in day out.

We deliver a wide range of techniques from steam cleaning carpets to the low moisture system.

Delivering wonderful customer service is what we strive to do every day. As a customer, you need to feel confident that we say we can do.

This is why when you contact us we take as much information down from you, and if you are unsure we will come and visit you to survey for free.

The survey allows us to see what needs cleaning, understanding what fibre is to be cleaned, any stains or odour which require removing.

As you may already know, the most popular way of sanitizing carpets thoroughly is through a technique known as steam extraction or using very hot water. This is the most popular system the world over. The benefits of this system are that 100% of every fibre is deeply cleaned.

So how will we clean your carpets?
We have a process. And this is what it is.

1/ We vacuum thoroughly. Fibres will hold quite a bit of grit and dirt, and by removing this helps more of the solution to adhere to the fibres.

2/ Now we address your stains. Not all stains are removable as you may have already attempted this using DIY shop chemicals which are more harmful than good. Some common stains we see are removing coffee, red wine, urine, chewing gum, inkWe are very good at stain removal. We have been able to remove stains other companies have failed in. And the reason for this. We were trained by the Ncca and Iicrc in this very specialised field, and we only use quality and proven chemicals. Each chemical has its place. It is a bit like when you have a stain on your clothes. There are certain methods which will and won’t work. The same applies to our trade.

3/ We now clean. Our machinery is set up to deliver the perfect temperature along with the desired water pressure, and by using this tried and tested method dries the fibres quickly, normally within  2 hours of us leaving The process relieves the fibres of all the ingrain dirt, dust, and trapped odours, leaving the fibres of your carpet, clean and odour free.

The other systems used can be the dry cleaning system or low moisture. Both have their place and used on specific fibres. As mentioned if you use the incorrect system or chemicals, you can damage the carpet permanently.

So if detailing a living room, we would first move you upholstery to allow us access to the area to clean. We then replace the sofa. If the furniture has wooden legs we will place polystyrene blocks between the leg and carpet. This protects any chance of dye transfer.

We do come across other issues such as removing urine from the carpet.

Urine is a smell we can all recognise. It is normally animal’s urine we remove but yes we do sometimes remove human urine too.

In all instances, we need to identify where the urine is. To do this we use a torch with a powerful UV light.

We also check for the moisture levels so see if the urine is still saturated in the underlay.
Removing urine falls into 3 categories.

1/ Standard flush and treatment. This would be for the odd area.
2/ Flush, and married with urine chemical application

3/ Uplift the carpet, remove the underlay and replace with new. Refit the carpet for you and then treat the whole carpet with a urine destroyer chemical. The carpet will then be cleaned.

Mattress Cleaning Lymm

How clean is your mattress? It may look clean on the surface but it is what lurks beneath. Our little friends the dust mite. The dust mite is microscopic you can’t see then with the naked eye.
A mattress a year old can hold several million of these little creatures. This issue they cause is if you have asthma, or other breathing issues, of skin allergies, not having a steam cleaned mattress will not help with your condition,

Removing dust mites and cleaning your mattress is a detailed process.

This is what we do.

We will apply a chemical which will break down all the sweat marks, and other stains. Please note if the stain has seeped into the padding this will remain. Then wearing a glove we agitate the chemical into the fibres. We leave this to dwell for around 10 minutes. This leaves us time to set up our machinery. The mattress is then steam cleaned, which at the same time powerful vacuums are removing the dirt, mites, and anything else.
The dust mite will die with the heat used. All sides of the mattress are cleaned. The drying time is around 2 to three hours. The costing for a single mattress is £30.00 rising to £50.00 for the king size.

Upholstery cleaning Lymm

Sofas requires more detailing with all the nooks and crannies.

After the survey check for colour transfer. This is a simple test actioned on the back of the sofa. This helps us decide on the correct process, which for fabric is normally hot water extraction.
Once identified a solution will be applied and agitated. During this process, we will remove any stains. We will then commence with the clean. We don’t use a lot of water pressure to clean. We will repeat the area being cleaned until we are happy with the results. Once cleaned we try to remove any further moisture using clean and dry terry towels. An air mover is then set in place to kick start the drying. The average time for a sofa to be back in use is around 2/ 4 hours. If we are doing other work in the property we will leave the air mover running.

So don’t delay, we are only a phone call away to help you sort out your dirt dilemma.

Please  call, text, or email us. We will answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We hope you like this little bit of history

The Lymm Hall is an early 17th-century medieval site with a moat. This was originally surrounded by parkland and some large estates, this is still an attractive site with many trees surrounding it.

Dane Bank House is one of the most important buildings in the area and was completed in the 17th century. Some parts remain, with most now Georgian. It has wonderful grounds, with an old estate wall and an old barn to name but a few of its attractions. These also date from the 17th century. The population growth in the early 19th century led to a lot of Victorian houses being built which also adds to the character of the village.

Lymm Dam
In 1821-4 the steam was dammed for water and power for the industries. In the 1900s, avenues and bridges added to the character of it.
William Lever

The land was then owned by a man called William Lever who intended to make considerable changes to the area. It was he who constructed the large concrete bridge at the southern end of Lymm Dam known as the Crossfield Bridge. He is also remembered for the avenues which border Lymm Dam, these currently being Lakeside Road, The Avenue and the bridleway running along the eastern boundary of Lymm Dam. The avenues were planted with alternating Lombardy poplar and English elm trees. Lever had planned to use these avenues as part of residential development to house his workers however, for reasons unknown, the houses were never built.

Lymm may be a tucked-away village however lots of things happen. To keep up to date and is goings on why not visit Cheshire Life or Lymm Life Magazine
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Carpet cleaning in Lymm
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