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Carpet cleaners High Legh, Cheshire

Having clean carpets is healthy for any home, but also a good environment for the children.

Hello and thank you for looking at our website today.

I can confidently say that I would class our team as professional expert carpet cleaners.

We have too many years within the carpet cleaning world, not going to give my age away.

I would like to think that being around for (cough cough) years, and we are a trusted company. In fact I would go as far to say that on many occasions we have been given the house keys to and business keys to lock up.

We use a combination of chemicals. These range from the carpet cleaning chemicals to green products. The products we use I believe are the best in class. I use the products in my own home.

We do like to be kind to the environment and when possible we will just use steam or hot water depending on the type of fibre your carpet or rug is made from.

In addition to being professional carpet cleaners, we also provide a range of other services.
Rug cleaning
Fabric Upholstery cleaning
Leather upholstery cleaning
Odour control
Urine removal
Flea infestation removal

When one of the team arrives at your property the first thing which is carried out is the survey of your carpet or what we have been asked to clean. We must do this to ensure we know what we are cleaning and dealing with. We can recognise most however if we are 1% insure we will do a burn test.
The burn test helps us identify fibres.
We may already have been to visit your property to view prior in which case the survey has already been actioned.

So what do we look for in the survey?

The condition of the carpet, worn areas, stains, and any animal issues such as urine, or odour.

When we commence the cleaning we will be as tidy as possible for you.

We will move your settee in the living room, and chairs, however we are not insured to move televisions. In fact I would say not a lot of people are bothered in having the carpet cleaned were the tv sits.

My team are honest, loyal and hard working. They will have trained with me, the Ncca, and the IICRC.
We have to address a wide range of issues whether it is domestic or commercial carpet cleaning. We have the expertise to resolve most issues.
Stained, smelly of just dirty carpets or rugs can be down to a multitude of things. The kids and husband spilling food and drink, the dog slobbering and rolling around on your carpets, or the carpet has not been cleaned on a regular basis.

Apart from steam, we also use dry cleaning, and low moisture cleaning. These different systems are used on specific fibres which would be picked up in the survey.
The team’s goal is to provide a great experience for you the customer.
Every so often we do come across issues which we cannot resolve for you. This may be were you have attempted to do a bit of spot cleaning and have bleached the carpet, or you have used an incorrect product and this has sealed the stain in the fibres.

New products are released all the time which we test privately on every type carpet. If they don’t meet our standard they are never used.

As I said earlier we have been around for a long time.
You do get the pop ups on face book who offer you a great price.
Before you choose a carpet cleaning company ask yourself is the price too good to be true?

If we clean your rugs we action the clean in exactly the same way as your carpets.

Fabric upholstery cleaning is very different.

Again a survey is carried out. Fabric sofas may be polyester, cotton, silk etc as some may need to dry cleaned. Upholstery cleaning has to be done correctly first time.

Leather upholstery cleaning

Leather can be a very luxurious material.  As you are probably aware leather can dry out if not cleaned correctly.
When we clean leather upholstery we will vacuum,
Clean to remove any grease, address any stain.

The leather is then re cleaned and at which point the furniture is fed the oils it needs.

The oils in leather if not replaced will make the leather crack.
So as a room a thumb have your leather sofa cleaned at least every eighteen months.
If you have a dog which sleeps on it I would say at least once or even twice a year.


I would strongly advise you not to attempt to remove any stains in your carpets or other fabrics using the stain removers you can buy over the counter. If you read the small print it states to test its product in an inconspicuous area. So if you test it in an inconspicuous area and it changes the colour of your carpet will you get your money back?Nope

Why not use this tip.

Make yourself a remedy that we use in our home.

In the event of spilling a liquid or food is dropped

We understand that panic sets in and you attempt to resolve this yourself.

Have a spray bottle that can spray the water fine.

Fill the bottle three quarters with water and then top up with white wine vinegar.
You probably have these things in your home.

So the method to use is this.

Solids - pick up and if a bit runny use a spoon. Work inwards. This will control the stain.

Liquid- Place a towel on the spill and stand on the towel. Turn the towel over and repeat.

Now if the stain remains use the home made remedy. Spray on the area, leave for a few minutes, and remove by using the towel again. Just keep repeating until you are happy.
Yes there will be a vinegar smell but this will evaporate quite quickly

Meeting a customer by chance

I was in the the Costcutter shop on High Legh road when a customer was buying a paper. She was also carrying a stain remover and carpet shampoo made by Gur rotcod(spelt backwards).

I was curious as to why she was attempting to clean her own carpets. Her response was to clean her lounge carpet, and stairs as the quote she received was too high.

Curious as to how much the question had to be asked. £150.00

Wow that is way too much. Taking the customers details I suggested I pop over to view.
The visit lasted not even ten minutes.

And my price for doing the same job was £85.00

We booked the customer in and she has cancelled the hiring of the DIY machine, and returned the chemicals also.
In fact her total costing for the hiring of the machine and chemicals was £55.00

So what did this customer get for her money?

Her carpets were vacuumed thoroughly. In fact the bin on the hoover was full.

Next, the obvious stains which required a treatment were addressed.
The carpet was then treated to our industrial pre spray which was massaged into the carpet using a crb machine.
And finally the carpets were steam cleaned.