How much do you charge for a lounge carpet?
How long does it take for you to clean a carpet?
Who moves the furniture?
How wet is the carpet when you leave?
What method do you use to clean carpets?
When will I be able to walk on the carpet?
How much do you charge to clean a suite, how long does it take and when will I be able to sit on it?
How much do you charge to clean a leather suite, how long does it take and when will I be able to sit on it?
How much do you charge to clean rugs?
Do you protect carpets and upholstery?
How much notice do you need to book a clean?
How much do you charge for a lounge carpet?
The simplest answer is that a standard, 4metre by 4 metre, sized lounge is usually around £50 but….without knowing the exact
measurements of the room, seeing the carpet in question, it’s fibre type and construction, the amount and type of soiling, the amount of
furniture to be moved, the difficulty of access to the room for staff and any machinery then it may be a little more.   A hallway will usually
add around £15 to a clean, a stairs will be around £30 and a landing £10. Pending sizes. These figures are obviously averages so we
would need to come and measure up to give you an exact quote.

How long does it take for you to clean a carpet?
If we use the measurements of the standard lounge then it takes us around an hour to clean, again depending on all the issues raised

Who moves the furniture?
We always ask that you move small items such as picture frames or mementos that may be knocked off during the course of a clean
prior to our arrival.  If you have space and are able to move large items of furniture out of the areas to be cleaned that is a big help for us
and we will be in and out that much quicker.  If you’re not able to move any of the furniture, don’t worry.  We will move it out of the room
or around the room as we clean.  We tend to leave TV’s and TV units in place due to the cabling issues though we will move, clean
behind and return TV’s at the customer’s request.

How wet is the carpet when you leave?
Tests have shown that with modern extraction machines (which we use), 89% of any moisture is removed. Wool or wool mix carpets,
having natural fibres, tend to absorb more moisture than synthetic carpets so take a little longer to dry.  Where we feel the extraction
process hasn’t extracted as much moisture as we would have liked and especially in the colder months we will go over the carpet with
cotton or Terry Towel “bonnets” on an oscillating pad machine which will remove more moisture.

What method do you use to clean carpets?
Our main method is known in the trade as water extraction.  It used to be called Hot Water Extraction but the modern solutions used
today work just as well with cold water as with hot.  There are a number of standard steps to this method.

1)      We vacuum the area to be cleaned using our commercial grade upright vacuums.  Vacuuming is said to remove around 86% of
the dry soil in your carpet so a good vacuum will not only remove much of the soil but will lift the pile (where there is a pile) to allow the
cleaning solution to clean deeper.

2)      We then spray the carpet with the cleaning solution.  The solution itself will be appropriate to the fibre type, carpet construction and
the amount and type of soil in the carpet.

3)      After pre-spraying we will then agitate that spray, usually with a purpose built machine or sometimes by hand using a large pile
brush.  It is essential that the solution comes into contact with all the fibres in the carpet if the most amount of soil is to be removed.

4) Depending on the amount and nature of soiling and the cleaning solution used we may allow the solution to dwell in the carpet for 15-
20 minutes to let it do its work.

5) The final cleaning stage, before grooming the carpet to finish, is extraction.  Using a cleaning wand attached high powered vacuum
machine with a high pressure hose we are able to “flush” out the soil which has been dislodged by the solution and agitation.  Any water
that is sprayed onto the carpet is vacuumed back up immediately by the wand leaving the carpets nice and clean.

If the situation allows we do, on occasion, use a low moisture method to clean carpets.  This method is better on low profile, commercial
type carpets or those carpets that just need a freshen-up.   There are two main differences between Water Extraction and Low Moisture. 
The obvious difference is that we don’t extract but use the cotton bonnets to tamp up the soil and moisture. The second difference is that
we may use an encapsulation cleaning solution which encapsulates the dislodged soil into a fine powder as it dries and which can be
vacuumed up when fully dry.  While low moisture cleaning can’t be used in every situation the results can be visually excellent.

On very rare occasions we may use a very low moisture method to undertake a clean, possibly where there may be a danger of a carpet
shrinking due to the combination of the fibre and its construction.   Using this method the carpet is vacuumed as normal.  At this point,
depending on the carpet at hand, we may spray a light misting of a cleaning solution down before dusting over a layer of cleaning
solution impregnated micro sponges (very much like pleasant smelling fine saw dust).  These micro sponges are then agitated into the
carpet fibres using a dedicated machine and left to dwell for half an hour.  During this time the micro sponges dislodge soil from fibres,
soak them up and the micro sponges and soil can be vacuumed up to finish the job.

When will I be able to walk on the carpet?
We suggest that you try not to walk on the carpet for at least an hour after we leave so as not to leave footprints in the pile.  The longer
you leave it the better but if you have to walk on it straight away then you can.

How much do you charge to clean a suite, how long does it take and when will I be able to sit on it?
We generally charge £15/£20 per seat for cleaning upholstery meaning that a three piece suite with a 3 seater, a two seater and an arm
chair will cost £90.00 plus To clean a suite that size usually takes us between two and three hours.  We use a similar procedure for
upholstery as we do for carpets.  We vacuum, spray, agitate using cotton towels (or hand brushes where necessary), extract and dry,
again using towels.  We will also use large fans to speed up the drying time.  We always aim to have the upholstery back in service by
the end of the day.

How much do you charge to clean a leather suite, how long does it take and when will I be able to sit on it?
Again, we generally charge £30 per seat.  The cleaning process with leather is significantly different to upholstery.  After establish what
type of leather is to be cleaned (there are many and lots of excellent copies) we will spray on a pre-cleaner.  This pre-cleaner will remove
the layer of soil that builds up in everyday use.  After removing the pre-cleaner and some soil we will then use a leather cleaner,
manufactured by the country’s foremost leather experts, to remove the ingrained soil, usually built up over many years.  The results can
often be extremely good, bringing back to life pieces that were almost destined for a better place.  After cleaning the leather is treated
with a protector, as standard, and this is included in the price.  Whilst we would suggest leaving the protector untouched for ten minutes
the furniture is ready for use immediately.

How much do you charge to clean rugs?
The term rug can mean many things to many people. For some they are stitched runners in a hallway, for others they are not
inexpensive rugs from places like Ikea, Vincent Davies’ or Leekes while to others rugs are valuable heirlooms that may be extremely
delicate.  Because of this it is always difficult to put a price on a rug clean.  Many smaller, less expensive rugs can be cleaned in your
home as part of a carpet or upholstery clean and a price can be agreed upon at the time.  Other larger or more soiled rugs may need to
be taken away, cleaned, and perhaps as importantly, dried at our premises.  For this type of collect-clean-return service the price usually
starts at £40-£50.  Similarly, larger rugs of more value will need to be taken away to be cleaned with a price agreed prior to removal.

Do you protect carpets and upholstery?
Yes, we can protect carpets and upholstery but only when it is needed.  With many carpets and upholstered suites being made from
synthetic fibres today the fact that they are synthetic will give them some in-built protection.  Indeed, if you try and put a protector, which
is essentially a micro-film of plastic, onto another plastic then it is unlikely to stick.  However, protectors can do a brilliant job protecting
those fibres that are more suited such as wool carpets or microfiber upholstery.

How much notice do you need to book a clean?
As we are based in Warrington we can normally attend quite quickly, for the 01925 telephone code even if it is for just for a flight of stairs.

Other companies who have to travel from Northwich or Liverpool cannot compete with this service.

Would a company based Northwich or Liverpool travel to do a flight of stairs? Probably not. They would try to get a few jobs to make it
cost effective for them, however this is not convenient for you.
Our service covers all areas of Warrington, Lymm, and Newton le Willows

All quotations are free and valid for 30 days.

We cover all area’s of warrington
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