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What colour were your carpets when you first bought them? Do they now have
dirty edges? Do you have some horrible stand out stains? The dog had an
accident or slobbered?

You have you decided to have them cleaned professionally? Give them a new
lease of life? They look great at first, however, a lot of people don’t look after the
fabrics they buy. I sometimes think people believe they are self-cleaning. You
become nose blind, get used to slow changes of colour. Furniture and fabrics
cost a lot of money, so is not best to look after your investment?

As an example of cost, a flight of stairs would only cost you thirty pounds. A
typical lounge starts at £50.00

One will get used to the dirt slowly evolving, the marks are just there, and odours
are now developing.

Too many drinks spilt, food dropped and other issues which we won’t mention.

Has your dog had a urine accident, they sleep where they want. Their odour is now apparent when you walk into a room.
Some odours are so strong that they penetrate all porous products such as the plasterboards in a room.
To eliminate odours this strong and lingering, we will use an ozone machine.
The ozone machine we use releases millions of beams of electrons, which when they come into contact with odour, add an extra
oxygen element
This extra oxygen molecule now makes that smell into ozone.
The smell of ozone is similar to that when we have an electrical thunderstorm, and the smell it leaves when the thundering stops.
Our services as you imagine are now taking us beyond our normal working area which is great.
My awesome good work is spreading. This is why I am carpet cleaning in Widnes regularly, doing both domestic and commercial
carpet cleaning.
Not only do I steam clean carpets, but also deal with upholstery whether this is fabric or leather, rugs and mattress. All to an expert
Having a healthy home or business is what everyone wants and deserves. Your home is a representation of you. Just like the clothes
on your back, you want them sanitised, odour free, hence the washing machine.

Did you know that it is recommended by the carpet institutions that you should have an annual service, and more often if you have
pets or toddlers?
Not all carpet cleaners in Widnes are trained to our standards, have our years of experience.
We are extremely proud in the results we can achieve Training supported with hands-on experience is the best schooling for any
tradesman. Would you ask your neighbour to change your brake shoes on your car, or would you want someone who knows what
they are doing? Exactly.
The chemicals we have in our stock are of the highest quality. I use these in my own home. Each chemical does a specific thing to a
certain fibre. Using our many years of training, knowledge allows us to produce some amazing results for you. Using alkaline, acids,
gels, odour eliminators, enzyme products, urine destroyers we carry an arsenal of products with us at all times.
You may have red wine, coffee or tea stain, or a urine issue from your pets. Specific solutions should only be used. Our chemicals
are we believe the best in the market. Quality counts.
If you have not applied any over the counter stain removers we can in most cases remove most marks. The products you buy contain
bleaches and enhances which in our experience does more harm than good. I had to deal with a job where a lady purchased 60
bottles of the stuff. Scrubbed all the carpets in the property. The following day they looked worse. They looked like marble. This was
a rental property.
For the customer to receive their bond back we had a lot of work to do.
Urine patches, odour removal, stain removal and a deep clean was required.
This was a four-bedroom property. When dealing with restoration work such as this, we have to use a lot of de-foamer. This product
protects our vacuums from overheating from all the suds we extract.

Typically in a straight forward steam extraction, we would probably use around one pint of this chemical. For this job, we had to use
five litres.
This poor customer not only spent £180.00 on purchasing her products, that was our charge too. If she had contacted us directly
before any DIY attempt the costing would have been £160.00. So you see our price, quotes are not extortionate at all.

Wool can be a little more challenging. Being a natural fibre, accidents left unattended can be absorbed into the fibre, and may
cause permeant discolouration. So this is where our education of chemistry comes into play. The mad scientist hat comes on.
Can the colour of the fibres be reversed or can the area be re-dyed for you? Re-dye fibres are not as easy as it sounds and we do
have a minimum costing for this type of repair.
The most common system we use is hot water extraction or you may refer to it as steam extraction.

Benefits of using this method against other systems are that fibres are cleansed from top to bottom. Our truck mount machinery is
very powerful. The power of water injected into fibres will not go above 400psi but reaches 100% of every fibre, along with the power
of the vacuum system removes all grease, odour, dust mites, bacteria, and dirt, leaving fibres touch dry.
Using air mover’s reducers the drying time drastically to as little as 2 hours.
Other ways can be by low moisture or by the dry method.
Both systems are used for specific fibre types and are only used when issues a shrinkage or low fibre density are involved. The
decision to use any of these systems would be determined at the point of the survey.
Let we walk you through the most common procedure we use.

The first step is that we hoover. This will relieve all sand, grit and other particles, and also massage the fibres to stand up. This then
allows for any chemical application to be applied more thoroughly
Any stains noticeable will be addressed and removed if possible.
Next, we apply the relevant compound which is applied, agitated and allowed to dwell. Dwell time is normally ten minutes, however
on more severe works this would be left for longer, or a less dilution rate applied. This would normally be an alkaline from 9 to 12,
depending on the severity of the grease, grime and other contaminants.

The next action is to clean. Now how we do this is we split the room by eye into sections. Clean, then review, and if required, repeat.
Items unseen microscopic things such dust mites, allergens, and bacteria which can have a detrimental effect of our health The
vacuum system will remove all the moisture applied, leaving your items touch dry, and bone dry between 2 to 4 hours. This can be
speeded up with the aid of air movers.
The system I mentioned above is the most common used.
If you have a Wilton for example, we would use a different system.
You may be considering renting a carpet cleaning machine
The cost may sound great, but that cost soon adds up when including the chemicals.
To hire =£24.00
Shampoo =£15.00
Variety of stain removers = £25.00
So let us be conservative here and say £70.00

And you are doing the work, Collecting and returning the machine.

First, you probably don’t realise what the fibre you are trying to deal with. Is it wool, nylon, polyester, manmade.
Shop chemicals are poor in quality. How do I know?
I have done side by side tests and recorded my finding.

As an example, a nylon carpet had coffee spilt on it. To begin with, the notes on the packaging state to test in an inconspicuous area
in case of bleaching. We followed their instruction to the letter. And the result. That problem was not removed. Why. It was not fit for
Next, I used my solution. Followed the instructions and used my training to the letter. Hey presto, it was removed without any
evidence of decolourisation. This is the difference between an amateur and professional techniques.

Rental machines not only lack vacuum power to remove any water residue, but the psi is also limited to no more than 30, whereas
our machines are capable of up to 1200. Maximum psi we use would be 400.
So the difference is a pressure of 370. That difference is essential for great results. Imagine turning a tap on to trickle. That is your
hire machines capability. Now our machine is like having both your taps on full blast.

Also, and yes this happens a lot, you may over wet what you are cleaning. This will then start to dry and create mildew, which is an
odour that can only be removed by experts in their field.
Are you a landlord? Had tenants who relaxed smoking drugs? The weed smell is not going away.
This type of odour removal service is something we are dealing with on a more regular basis. This stench lingers not only in your
fabrics but also anything porous products, such as plasterboard, ceilings. Painting these will not remove the smell. This smell has to
be destroyed.
To deal with this an ozone machine is used. This adds an extra oxygen element to the odours molecular structure, thus now making
the smell 03

Our tip of the day.

Why not vacuum in the opposite direction that you normally do? Go a little slower also. This will open the fibres up, allowing the
hoover to suck up more dust, grit and sand particles.

Have the children dropped some blue tack, or walked in chewing gum. Please do not attempt to pick this out.
A very simple solution is to spray wd40 on the contaminant. Leave for 30 seconds, and then carefully pick. If the gum is thick it may
be best to piece it with a fork before applying any solution.

This little tip is a secret so don’t tell anyone.

I mentioned earlier about the shop products, and that they can bleach or damage a fibre.
Why not try this handy tip
Have a spray bottle. Pour cold water to fill 75% and the balance white wine vinegar. You now have a safe stain remover.
If an issue arises, spray the area concerned and allow to dwell for a minute. Now place a towel over the area and press down. Never
rub, always blot. Always work from the outside in. You want to be in control not worsen or spread the issue.
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My landlord insists that I have my carpets professionally cleaned. Do you provide receipts?

Answer:  We issue an invoice for every job we do. We can email this to you or send by post.

I am located in Cronton. Would you be able to visit me?
Answer: Yes we work in Cronton carpet cleaning often.

My dog has had an accident can you help

Answer: Yes we can help remove the soiled carpet, urine and odour for you.
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