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Take it slowly after you vacuum a carpet, particularly a luxurious carpet during which
dirt is bound to be deeply embedded. One pass with a high-powered upright isn't
Check every section of furnishings many times. Work slowly to permit suction to get rid
of all the ground-in soil and dirt.

Pay special attention to the doorway areas, traffic areas and wherever individuals sit
and move their feet. Vacuum these areas of serious traffic with a crisscross pattern of
overlapping strokes. Our advice for this area are having carpet runners in place. This
will add years to your carpets.

Soil retardants may be applied to new carpets or recently clean carpets. Follow the
manufacturer’s recommendation.
Add sodium bicarbonate to the bag in your vacuum or another typical odour masker to assist neutralise the odours vacuumed from your

Remember carpets ought to be clean before a change of state becomes too apparent. Carpet makers and the training association suggest
carpets ought to be professionally cleaned by Warrington carpet cleaners in a standard 2+2 home between a year to eighteen months.

Should you have pets this should be every six to 12 months.

First aid for our customer’s carpets

We have all seen the issues surrounding a stained carpet, or even a smelly carpet.
Although we would advise that this is sorted by us your local professional carpet cleaning Warrington provider, some general care tips may
avoid our visit.

1 /
Hoover, hoover, vacuum. We cannot emphasise this enough.
Having a routine in hoovering your carpets will make them last longer.
Why I hear you ask.
Well, every household will bring in grit, sand particles.
Have you ever had sand in your hand and rubbed them together. Feels like sandpaper doesn’t it.
This is how if you don’t hoover the grit will treat the fibres of your carpet.
Over time, you will see little a little hole in the carpet.
So now you need a little repair.
How to avoid this. Hoover the busy carpets of the household two to three times a week.
And if you have an animal that sheds its hair, daily. I hoover our living room every day without fail.

We have teenagers in our home and yes they are lazy.
They are under strict instructions if they spill a drink and I am not around how to clean this up immediately and I am going to share this little
tip with you.
Use a clean towel or tea towel. Place over the incident and stand on the towel for about 30 seconds. Just keep still. This will remove a lot of
the moisture.
Next use our homemade spotter. We can provide details for you by calling 01925 541449
(Don’t be using any of the supermarket spotters. They only make things worse)
Spray on the stain, do not over wet. Allow to dwell for a minute or so, and repeat the towel process.
In most situations, this will remove the stain.
Never use hot water.
We know of customers who have spilt coke on the carpet. Poured boiling water on the stain. Then dabbed it up with a towel only to find the
following day the stain has returned, and the area of carpet that received the boiling water looks like it has risen. This is called the

3/ Odours in your carpets

The only way to remove odours from the carpet, rugs or your upholstery is to have them professionally cleaned.
Have you ever gone a bought something like shake and vac? All this does is temporarily mask the odour.
Like your clothes, if they smell you may spray an aftershave of perfume but you know that the item of clothing will have to go into the
washing machine. Why? It is the right thing to do.
Same with your household fabrics.

This has probably happened to most of us at some point in our lives.
As with the advice given earlier on stains, act fast. Pick up solids, absorb the liquid
Same working method.
However, if the smell persists, after your cleaning attempt there is a good chance that the pee has seeped further into the underlay, which
means uplifting the carpet then replacing the underlay.
If the backing of the carpet smells wipe it clean.
Replace the underlay, and carpet, and start again.
If you think this process is a beyond you please call us and we will gladly visit to help you out.
Carpet Cleaning Warrington
Carpet cleaning in Warrington
5/ Those black marks you see around the carpet
Your carpet looks ok however the edges are an eye saw.
You put up with it
Let me tell you what this is.
Draft marks or dust.

These little particles of dust live under the carpet but want to get out. They get trapped around the edges and then the only way out is up.
They penetrate the fibres and slowly over time start to darken in colour.
You the homeowner can help reduce this.
Using the crevice tool of your hoover, vacuum the edges slowly.
You may see an improved result.
Or you can use a toothbrush and apply our stain remover, gently agitate the damp fibres, and then wipe clean with a dry white towel.
This is a hit and miss for the homeowner but it may just stop you from calling me out.

Some jobs stand out from the crowd

This year yes 2019 we were asked to visit a pub that needed to be cleaned. Very deep steam carpet cleaning was the request

The previous landlord had been naughty and was dismissed.
The new landlady called as apart from the carpets only being four months old, the place stunk of weed.

The odour was not just in the carpets, it was in the walls too.
So how was this situation resolved for the customer?

Firstly we attended to the odour in the walls.
The landlady wanted all rooms decontaminated.
We started in the living room.
A special chemical was applied to everything.
Carpets, walls, ceiling.
Two ozone machines were then left to run for 45 minutes.
This process destroys odour.
On completion of the cycle, we then went upstairs and started in bedroom one.
Left the ozone machines in place, repeated the process.
Whilst this was happening we cleaned the living room carpet.
What was black had now been revived to its original blue colour.
The carpets were all the same throughout and the process was just repeated room by room.
When packing up we reset the ozone machines in the hallway with all doors open and repeated the cycle for another 15 minutes. Not that the
place needed it, it was just my piece of mind.
When we returned home the carpet cleaning machine dirty tank was filled with cold water and a chemical to destroy the weed smell.
This was left overnight.

So if you have an issue you need sorting with your carpets, rugs or upholstery please give the oldest carpet cleaners in Warrington a call.
Where experience counts.
Always here to help.
You can prolong the lifetime of your carpet investment through routine and thorough vacuuming.
Carpet cleaners in Warrington
You can prolong the lifetime of your carpet investment through routine and thorough vacuuming.

Carpets have to be compelled to be vacuumed several times per week and additional typically in areas of serious traffic.
Frequent vacuuming prolongs the lifetime of your carpet by preventing a build-up of gritty particles that may wear carpet fibres.

Each few weeks, take a bit overtime and use your crevice tool for clean up around skirting’s, radiators and in different hard-to-reach

When vacuuming fitted furnishings, divide the ground into tiny sections. Vacuum a complete section before moving on to ensuing
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