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Do you look at your carpets, rugs, upholstery or even your mattress and think
they have changed colour from the dirt accumulated over time?

Is there a smell? Have your kids or husband dropped a drink or food? Are you
embarrassed when friends pop over? Would you like St Helens carpet
cleaners to assist you?

Furnishing is expensive. You work hard for your things in life.
Changing or replacing your furnishings can be a major headache, plus can cost a lot
of money.

Emptying a room, uplifting old carpets, probably replacing underlay, then refitting,
returning your items to that same room. Some people also don’t like the odours of a
new carpet. We have cleaned newly laid carpets to help remove gases, which some
people are sensitive to.

Instead of doing the above, why don’t you have your fabrics professionally cleaned?

Like a car has a Mot, your furnishings require similar keep them in the best possible

So, how would you benefit from working with us?
Well, we have been in this industry for many years now. In fact, this is our last year as
being a teenager. Yes, we are in year 21 of carpet cleaning St Helens.
Carpet cleaning st helens
So a bit about what our services include.
This picture shows what colour change has occurred, which is dirt, grime and bacteria. We charged our customer £55.00 for this job.
We are local and near you, so can be with you within 10 to fifteen minutes. We can visit you quickly, even same day pending our
We use a variety of techniques.
Our most common system used is steam extraction. Other systems which we can use are a dry method or low moisture system.
All have their benefits.
Let me explain this to you.
Steam extraction
Steam or very hot water is our most popular system used by professionals.
This method allows steam vapour to penetrate deep into the fibres of your materials from top to bottom, which assists in removal of any
grease, grit, odours, dust mites plus other nasties which may be harmful, especially if someone suffers from allergies.
We may also use chemicals before any work takes place. This aids in breaking down any soils plus any contaminants. This is by far
our most common system used and can be exercised on man-made fibres, including some natural fibres.
This procedure always starts with hoovering. A typical living room would take us ten minutes. Using a crevice tool on all edges and
Not all companies do this as they believe the power of their vacuums will remove all loose contaminants, however, this is what we do.
We want as much grit, dander, sand, in our hoover. We don’t want our main machine to get dirtier than needed to be or clogged up with
It would surprise you at the quantities of muck that is removed just in this first phase.
The carpet is then treated for any obvious stains, such as tea, coffee, and urine. These areas are then flushed. The entire area is
treated with our chosen solution based on our survey. Normally, an alkaline treatment is used. Sometimes we use green products if a
customer so wishes. Fibres are now upright. This allows our chemicals applied to penetrate any fibres, which is normally a dwell time
of 10 minutes. We use a crb machine to massage any chemicals deep into your carpet. As in any trade, preparation is key.
The machinery is the best available.
H2O pressure can reach over 1200psi, running from our truck mount. However, this level of pressure would never be used unless we
are dealing with hard floors. We use only s400 psi. We allow our chemicals to do work for us. They are my invisible assistant. Powerful
vacuums will uplift any moisture and residues, leaving all fibres to touch dry on completion.
If long fibres are part of the makeup, we will comb these back into place.
As our years of training have helped us identify fibres, we could not use hwe on Wiltons as these are prone to shrinkage with liquid
pressure. We would use another method, such as dry cleaning or low moisture.
Low moisture
We used this system on more sensitive fibres, those that would either shrink or distort using the HWE or steam method.
Again, a thorough hoovering is required. Around 85% of any dirt embedded within your fibres are removed during this initial process.
As this wording states, this is low moisture. So how does this work? We use a machine with an attached wool pad that moves along
the surface. Simultaneously, our operator releases small amounts of moisture using a trigger mechanism, which comes into contact
with the wool padding, which then agitates and removes the dirt.
A disadvantage of this system is that you will not go deep down. This method penetrates only about 20% of the surface area. Odours
are also very difficult to remove.
An advantage is that an area would be dry within 30 minutes or less.
We would use this system on large commercial contracts, such as hotels or care homes.
Dry system.
Although we say dry, a minimal amount of moisture is applied, whether this is chemical or water.
A dry compound is liberally applied, then agitated deep into the carpet. This compound resembles the look of sand. Same colour.
When these come into contact with the chemical, a reaction takes place. This reaction allows the compound to remove odour, break
down any dirt and grease, which is after a 20 minute dwell time hoovered up. Using a crb machine to agitate the compound deep.
The advantages of this system are that the carpet will be dry when finished.
The disadvantage is that it will only cleanse the immediate surface. It has limitations when not using heat or pressure.
When we have dogs, these lovely creatures bring with them some negative issues such as smells from their sweat, fur tangled in the
fibres. Urine issues are an accident as a pup.
You may think that your carpet does not smell, but does it?
Have you taken a nose test? Got on your hands and knees. If you have dogs, the answer will be yes. You have will have become nose
Your pet will have laid down, sweated, slobbered, and dribbled. All of this moisture and dander have to go somewhere. Odours build-
up, you become used to it until it reached the level of odour that is very clear.
Blemishes can be an eyesore, and an embarrassment even. We can remove most if you have made no attempt. These so-called
removers bought at your local store can cause you a lot of stress.
You follow their instructions, but a few days later it is back which is called wicking, or you even cause damage by bleaching the fibres.
You can get lucky if you have not sealed the stain in, however. If sealed into the fibres, then even we cannot correct this. We may re-dye
the area.
My team is very experienced, well trained in what they do.
We only use quality chemicals which, in combination with our powerful machinery and experience, help us achieve excellent results for
Urine extraction can be complicated. It can vary from volume to age. Someone of experience should only tackle this pungent smell. Has
Uv torches, and have proven chemicals and machinery to eradicate this for you. If the fibre has turned yellow or orange, this shows
bleaching. If the mark has darkened in colour, we can remove this.
Carpet rental machines come with a health warning. Do not do something you’re not trained in. You could because of colour runs,
shrinkage, even mildew. One should be able to identify the material you are working on. Are you able to identify the fibres?
Leather upholstery should only be tackled by trained personal. Hides come in all thickness, type and colour. Understanding procedures
will ensure safe cleaning. Most work we undertake is for grease, grime. We also deal with stains and odour. Again, specific solutions
are used for each task.
Fabric sofa tend to be left uncleaned for a few years unless they have spillages which leave watermarks which can be unsightly. We
advise at least once per annum. Body sweat, grease from hands and head have to go somewhere. Only steam extraction will remove
Have you had a look at our website?
Looked at our gallery of pictures and customer video reviews?
We are very proud of our standard of workmanship. Each customer, whether they are a commercial or residential customer. No matter
the size of the job will receive the same level of commitment.

All quotations provided are free and they are valid for 30 days from the point of enquiry.
Tips for our customers
If you have dogs, we suggest you vacuum every day. Moving your vacuum slowly to ensure maximum capture of high quantities of
dander and grit. If the grit is not controlled, it can build up and start acting like sandpaper. Rubbing at the base of a carpet or rug,
loosening fibres creating a hole. If you don’t control the dander, odours will have become apparent.

You have a solid spillage such as food, pick up any solids immediately. If any remnants remain, use a spoon. Always work inwards
towards the centre. Use a fresh damp towel and press down on the area until the mark has lifted. Repeat the process if required.

I would advise this.  Act quickly. Absorb as much liquid as possible using a towel. Apply pressure each time you use a towel. Never rub.
In a lot of instances, this will be sufficient. If the liquid changes the colour of your carpet, don’t panic. We can use special acids which
can reverse the colour variance.

Should you require any further advice or information about the services we are here to help with?
Carpet cleaning in St Helens
Carpet Cleaning St helens
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