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Carpet cleaning Lowton

Looking for a carpet cleaning service in Lowton?

How are your carpets looking today? Do they need a thorough cleaning at a

competitive price?

Replacement can be a nightmare. Emptying the room. Remove the old carpet and

replace with new. Regular maintenance keeps fibres fresh and extends their life span.

Can you remember the last time your furniture was professionally serviced? We

suggest annually and more often if you have pets.

Pets can carry in a dirt, pollen, fleas, slobber, sweat and drool. Changes in the colour

of fabrics equals dirt and contamination such as bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

Only heat at over 120f can break these down to allow us to remove these.

People become used to smells.

I am based right around 3 miles from you, so are near me.

We deal with both carpets and upholstery every day to the same high standards we

were taught at the Ncca and Iicrc schools. Not all carpet cleaners in Lowton are.

I only use quality chemicals to achieve the best results for my customers.

What do you think of this picture?

We use a truck mount which can run vacuum hose up to 150 feet and deliver water

heat to 150f.

This is what we did for this customer.

1/ Vacuum to uplift loose debris, dust and hair.

2/ Spray liberally an alkaline solution. This was agitated with our   CRB and left to dwell

for ten minutes.

3/ Added an acid to the freshwater tank in our trunk mount. This stops any wicking.

4/ Moved furniture to middle of room to work behind.

5/ Steamed this room at 120f, with a water pressure of 300psi.

6/ Air mover set up to speed up drying. Normal takes two to three hours.

Our customer was overjoyed with the result.

How much is did this cost? This lounge was £55.00.

Fresh, sanitised, and revived.

As a rule of thumb, a flight of stairs cost is £30.00

When we do full houses, we do discount.

We deal with many stains. Such are coffee, tea, red wine, food, vomit, faeces, rust,

ink, paint. Our van has an arsenal of solutions all designed to remove these issues.

We follow a process before any removal is attempted. That is to flush the area with

cold water. Normal water pressure is around 200psi. This leaves a blank canvass,

allowing the required chemical to do its work.

I must advise you that is you attempt to remove these blemishes yourself without

success, you will have probably sealed that mark in.

Shop stain removers are the pain for any professional carpet and upholstery cleaner.

We have a good success rate in this area.

Another problematic issue is the removal of blood. Do not panic and scrub is with

whatever we can get our hands on. This is contamination and is more expensive than

standard stain removal.

This smelly liquid is not nice. This can either be pet or human.    Removal has three


1/ Easy- This is where we steam flush the area enough to eliminate and extract.

2/ Medium- Normally several areas are the issue. We apply a strong urine destroyer

and allow to dwell. We flush until no urine is present, as tested with our UV torch.

3/ Hard- This is when the only solution is to remove the underlay.

Should you want to rent a machine to carry out your own carpet and upholstery

cleaning, it is not as easy as rental companies make out.

To start, do you know the fibre you have? Is it manmade, natural, or a mixture.

Do any colours run? If several colours are present, will they bleed into each other?

How do I stop that?

Will you experience shrinkage? Is it a Wilton you have which cannot be wet cleaned?

How would you identify this? Do you know what a jute backing is?

Would it not be easier to get a free quotation? Rental charges included liquids start

around £50.00, then you time to collect and return and carry out the work.

What method should be used? This would be identified in our survey. Check for

marks, wear and tear, grease on head rests and arms.

Most sofas can be hot water extracted, however, some may need to be dry cleaned or

a low moisture system. For example, certain types of cotton and silk should only be

exercised by trained operatives. They can warp.

Hides come in various colours and it advised not to tackle this yourself.

This is down to training. What chemicals should be used, if any? Will the colour be

stripped out?

We love working with leather sofas. Very therapeutic and rewarding.

Attention to detail is required. Check on all the nooks, crannies, creases.

We start with a soft vacuum brush to remove any dust or loose particles.

We then apply our compound. This breaks down dirt and grease. Then a cream is

applied which adds back moisture stopping cracking occurring.

This can be back in use 30 minutes after completion.

Stain Protection

When a stain guard applied after every clean with really help. Spillages will now stay

on the surface, which allows you to remove this using paper towels.

Why not take a wander around our website. We have pictures of past work, videos

from customers.

Like you, I want to work with someone I can trust and can deliver on what they preach.

That’s why we have been in business now for over 21 years.

I have seen it all, as you will probably be able to see by our gallery.

If you need to contact us, we can be via email, text, or landline. All our details can be

found on the website.

Our quotations are free and are valid for 30 days.

Carpet cleaning Lowton
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