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  Need a Carpet cleaner in Golborne

Carpet cleaning Golborne

Are you tired and fed up of having dirty, smelly carpets?

Did you know that it is recommended that your carpets are cleaned at least once a

year and more often if you are a dog lover?

Golborne is just down the road from us. In fact my favourite cousin lives in Golborne.

So why should you contact us to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery.

We have been cleaning the carpets in the 01925 area for many years now.

Cleaning carpets in both the domestic and commercial sector brings us great


Watching the cleaning process unfold. As you can imagine some jobs are easier than

others and our price reflects this.

This is why being are local to you we can visit your property promptly to survey the

work that is needed and give you a free no obligation quotation.

So what makes us different from other carpet cleaning companies?

First we are local. Some competitors live quite a distance from Golborne and their

price would reflect this.  For instance a cleaner from Northwich would either charge

you £80.00 to clean a flight of stairs, were we charge £30.00 unless we have a special

offer on.

How do we clean your carpets or rugs or even upholstery?

Firstly the item need a good hoovering, which will eliminate the dust, grit and sand.

This give us a clearer picture of what is to be done.

The system we use is what you may refer to steam cleaning

Stains are treated first. Once the stains have been removed (and I must emphasize

that while we are great at stain removal there are the odd cases were the stain is

burnt into the fibre)  the whole item is then cleaned.

Pending the fibre being cleaned drying times are between 2-4 hours. This can be

speeded up by using our air mover.

We have more detail on the homepage were customers questions have been


Customer reviews can listened to, and our gallery shows off some of our work.

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