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  Looking for the best carpet cleaner in Newton le Willows

Are you looking for a carpet cleaner in Newton Le willows? Are the carpets you
are standing on look tired and dirty and require the best deep clean available?

Would you want the best and most experienced carpet cleaner in your area? 

Well hello, we are the oldest carpet cleaning company in Newton le Willows.
Experts in our field and trained to the highest standards.

We must be doing something right as we have now been in business for over 17

I have over 17 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry and I’m known,
all over the Newton le Willows area and beyond. In fact, we now operate our
services in Haydock.

So Much More I can talk about

Carpet cleaning is a passion of mine, very sad according to my wife, but I am
also a leather and fabric upholstery cleaner, as well as loose rugs.

So how would we clean your furnishing?
It all starts with the survey which is free and a requirement in order for us to
identify the items to be cleaned. We prefer to visit to view, however certain
situations we can quote for you over the phone if, for example, it is for a flight of
stairs, the charge for this is £30.00 if a residential property. Coming to you is a
ten-minute drive, we are that local.

Most cleaning is actioned by steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This is the
most popular way for professional carpet cleaning. This also applies to rugs and

How does this process work?
The fibres being cleaned will under pressure be spread. Not seen by the naked

This allows the hot water to penetrate 100% of the area to be cleaned. Other
benefits include deodorisation, stain removal, dust mite and allergen removal. So
if you have pets and we can use this system this is the best way to clean.
If you do have any wee issues this falls into 3 categories.
Simple urine application and flush.

2- Medium contamination. This is where there are a few areas contaminated. Process is to apply our chemical liberally. Leave to
dwell for 20 minutes and then flush, with the vacuums on full power.
3- Carpet saturated. This is where the room is emptied, carpet uplifted, underlay removed, subfloor sterilised, refitting of new
under, replace carpet and clean. And yes this Does happen a lot.

Chemistry does play a huge part in cleaning, and our many years cleaning carpets has helped us have an enviable reputation.

A recent job we actioned just of the high street was for a couple who were relocating to Australia.

Their property was a 3 bedroom detached. They had attempted to clean the carpets themselves however with not much success.

We received a call from Brisbane, Australia asking us to go and have a look at the carpets as the landlord were holding their bond back
as the carpets were in such a  mess.

On visiting the property, the carpet was clearly dirty, full of tea and coffee stains.

And this the issue through the house.

Yes, we can clean your carpets, and yes the stains can be removed.

And the cost for this for £140.00

So how did we proceed with the clean?

Well, we vacuumed the carpet. Now there is a right way and a wrong way to vacuum. Doing it correctly removes a lot of dirt, dust, grit
making the rest of clean that much easier.

After the hoovering we attending to the stains. In fact, there were 23 individual stains, along with 2 globs of chewing gum.

As the carpet was in a nasty state the chemical used was stronger than normal.

This was applied to the carpets and room by room we cleaned and deodorised the carpet.

The job took us a little longer than expected, however on submission of our invoice, the landlord refunded the couples bond.

And as a bonus, we have now secured a contract with the estate agents who managed this property.

Do you think it’s time you gave your home or business the services we offer? Just give me a call on 0790 823 6411, send us an email
let me know what your requirements are, and I will be happy to assist you.

Our  free tips for you 
If your household is busy, and have pets we strongly suggest that your hoover is used daily. Pet dander can become entangled in the
fibres, and can become unsightly.
The hairs contain odour and bacteria, and over time if you have any health or breathing ailments this could enhance your condition.
What vacuum do we recommend? We use both Dyson and shark vacuum. These have rotating brushes and an unbuilt hepa filter.

Chewing gum in the carpets
If you attempt to remove gum yourself may cause damage. Here is a little tip for you if you have any type of gum embedded in any of
your furnishings. Please note as we do not know what type of fabric you have please test a little area beforehand.
Spray a little wd40 on the gummy area, leave for a few minutes. Using a metal spoon drag the content to the middle. This will soften and
allow you to gentle remove the remnants. The wd40 is petroleum based and its contents break down. 

Stain removers
If I have visited you I will have given you this homemade remedy.
The reason I discuss this is the foams, and stain removers from the shops are cheap and nasty and Do damage by bleaching fibres. I
see it all the time and it is infuriating to say the least.
The customer expects that bleach stain to be removed.

Our remedy for you is this.
Get yourself two spray bottles.
First one: Fill to 75% of cold water, and then fill the remainder with white wine vinegar. This is your safe stain cleaner. And yes there is
an odour but this will disperse.
Second one: Spray bottle with your cold water.
When using spray on the stain just to moisten the area.
Leave this for a few minutes. If you have a nylon brush gentle tap the area so all the solution gets into contact with the stain.
Then place a white towel and gentle press down. Repeat until all evidence of the stain has been removed.
Then use your second bottle. Same procedure as mentioned.
If you want to dry the area quickly fan the area with your hairdryer.

Sun damage
If you have a carpet and the rooms receives a lot of direct sunlight it may be susceptible to changing colour over time due to constant Uv
light. A simple solution to protecting your carpet is to window tint.
The tint comes in a variety of colours. The purpose of this is blocks around 75% of the sun’s ultra violet rays.
Over the years we have seen some severely damaged carpets though Uv damage.
What was once a red carpet, is now pink?
This product comes in rolls and you can fit this yourself. Just make sure window you are protecting is as grease and stain free as
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